Concussions: Healing thru the path of Yoga & Qigong

When I experienced my first concussion in 2001- I didn’t think too much of it. Vision problems were only minor. I couldn’t tolerate the flash of a camera for a few years but there wasn’t much more than that. Later, much later…the pain started. It lasted for years. Chronic pain that prevented exercise and enjoyment of life. Some recovery and then bam… – a fall – cross country skiing. A small slip. Nothing big. A big impact. Off work for months. Trying to find solace in anything I could.

Enter… Qigong. Healing. Food. Deep listening. Prayer. Meditation. Big Learning. Full Recovery. Magical Life. Synchronicity abounds.

CLICK HERE to join my friend Randa Sultan and I as we share tips, tools, and practices that we’ve learned on our healing paths on July 8 at the Yoga Lounge in Canmore.



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