How to Create Your Own Deep Transformation and Bring About Healing for the New Year

A blog post about inner transformation by: Heather Good, MSW, RSW

How Shifting the Unconscious to the Conscious is a Step Towards Healing

It’s been a time of year with many challenges, and without being very intentional with our minds, it’s easy to get swept away by negativity, worry, stress and grief.

I recently had a death in my family, and I’ve found it hard to release the grief I’m carrying. I think about my Uncle Terry and how on solstice – the day of the year most connected to death and transition into the light – how he gently passed into the great beyond,  a short time after I did a ceremony honouring his life and his place in our family.

As I sit in meditation today and look at the roots of this issue and my grief, it came to me that I could help myself by doing a process to clear and create. To bring what I wish for more fully into my life.

Then I realized that this advice might benefit you as well.

What’s Involved in the Practice

First of all, take a minute to think about what you are struggling with.

Then grab your journal, write it down, and sit quietly.

The process is relatively simple: think about what you are struggling with; what it is that is bringing you down or causing your grief. Then think about what might help you feel better.

We need to make sure we are fully allowing ourselves to feel our feelings and that we aren’t engaging in what is sometimes called “spiritual bypass.”

If we are sure we have grieved, given ourselves space to process the loss, but we have a sense that our feelings are stuck- then – this process can help.

My Example Practice

I think about the loss of my Godfather, David, some years back. I had been on a retreat in the beautiful mountain town of Lake Louise at the time and recall going into the pool and feeling the sadness drop off my body. I imagine this again—being in that pool and dropping the weight of my sadness.

I also remember being in Mexico at this time last year, sitting on the beach, drawing a circle around me in the sand to mark my sacred space, and feeling the warmth of the sun and the salty ocean air. I imagine I’m there again feeling all those positive ions.

I think about being in India in 2015 and releasing the grief around the loss of my Mother. I see myself sitting in the temple on her birthday and feeling my intense sadness. I remember being filled with a strong healing light that stayed with me for weeks.

I think about all the people that love me. As I think of them, I write down their names to remind me of the circle of support that is always with me.

I think about my wise teachers, the beloved Ashram I go to, the tree outside the Ashram, the temple of light. I dwell on the feelings of peace this place and practices have brought me. I feel this peace within me as I allow those memories to come to the surface and – as I do -I “re-wire” and strengthen these neuro-pathways.

So many places and things bring solace to me. I write these down and the act of doing this brings me a sense of calm.

I think about how grateful I am for all these experiences, friends, people, and connections.

Maybe it could help you too, to note these as well. To remember the experiences that have nurtured and shaped you.

I think about what’s important for me for the new year. I jot this down.

How It Helps

This practice helps me in a number of ways. It strengthens my Self-trust. It also helps me to be present, to accept what is, to heal, to reconnect to a sense of joy.  By doing my inner and outer work and by dwelling on nurturing experiences, I am more aligned with what is important for me in this New Year.

Repetition with this type of practice is often needed. To bring this practice into your daily life, you can re-read what you’ve written in your journal, or repeat it like a mantra. I find that helps me. I visualize light or I look at a picture that inspires me.

I hope this practice brings you – as it does for me – a deep sense of peace and calm.

In Summary

If we don’t work with our minds, they will “work us.”

And if you find you need to run-through these things a bit more thoroughly – or you need support in your practice or with this process, please reach out.

I would be happy to help you put this into your own self-created hypnosis script.

That’s the best way I know of making deeper shifts—shifts that stick. (That’s my next step with my own process today, and then I’ll re-listen to my words daily 😊)

Even today, I’m reminded of the words from my own hypnosis recording some time back when I was working with a challenge. “Heather- when things go wrong- it doesn’t mean it’s your fault.” I breath more deeply. I relax. I have perspective and I pause.

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May you be at peace, at ease, and happy.
With love this New Year,


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