Hypnosis: Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!

Tonight I attended a workshop on blogging. So be warned… many experiments coming your way! My passion- as many of your know- is to share about hypnosis, healing, yoga, and all things related to transformation.

One of the highlights from the evening was when of the guys shared with me about how how he had experienced an amazing and life changing hypnosis session. I was so excited to hear about his experience.

Sometimes, I still get some people saying to me- (well who am I kidding- this still happens very often!) “You aren’t going to make me cluck like a chicken are you?” as they nervously laugh.

Those damn stage hypnotists, I think! Just for the record-  I am NOT going to make you cluck like a chicken. You are NOT going to do anything you would not normally do, nor will you say anything that you would not normally say. You will remember everything and you will not get stuck in an altered state.  

I love hearing people talk about the power of their hypnosis sessions. Hypnosis helped me to heal from a concussion and with long standing issues of trauma, lack of confidence, anxiety, and fear of large dogs. In short, I regained my life and my passion for life.

Over and over, I see and hear how hypnosis benefits my friends, colleagues and clients. I am so incredibly grateful that I have this tool to use for healing. Unlike talk therapy that can sometimes last a long time, the use of hypnosis is quick and my experience has been that it is incredibly powerful.

How Hypnosis Works

In a session, we work with your goals and your deeper mind to bring about lasting change. We set a plan for action and we get all of the parts of you on board with the new goals and behavior. Now… this sort of transformation … is exciting to me.

Since our programming, beliefs and habits were created when we were young, we operate on the level of the subconscious mind 95 % of the time. Even though we know we would like things to be different, it often seems impossible to change.  As Bruce Lipton, the author of Biology of Belief states “Our troubles come from our automatic programming… We cannot change our subconscious program by talking to ourselves.” This is why we can read tons of self help books and lasting change eludes us.

Bottom line: We need to shift on a deep level to reprogram the subconscious mind. There is a saying, “your issues are in your tissues.” When we shift at a deep level, we begin to create new habits. We begin to say new things to ourselves and we do things differently.

If you are looking to change a stubborn pattern, or you really, really, want change and you are not sure why it is not happening… take some time and look deeper. Explore the subconscious mind.  Do not be afraid. Hypnosis could be the key to unlocking the treasures waiting to be discovered.

Check out my recent testimonial on hypnosis for being a non-smoker. I was so proud, happy, and over the moon excited to receive this testimonial from a man that I know will positively impact thousands (or more) with his healing music. It was an honor to help him to become a non-smoker in a single session.  Here is what he said: Click here

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It takes 40 days to change a habit. I hope to see you at one of my yoga classes or for one of my yoga therapy/hypnosis programs focused on transformation.

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