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Heather Good

Heather Good,MSW,RSW

Heather is a social worker/counsellor and hypnotherapist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress management, adjustment difficulties, complex mental health difficulties, addiction, trauma/PTSD, chronic pain and concussions.

Heather obtained her master’s in social work degree from the University of Calgary and has 20 years experience working as a mental health professional in a variety of settings including hospitals and community health centres. Her counselling/therapy approach is informed by acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), often referred to as a third wave CBT approach, accelerated resolution therapy (ART) for PTSD/trauma, Hakomi/body focused therapy, hypnosis, yoga therapy, and collaborative and proactive solutions (CPS).

Heather is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and has developed yoga therapy workshops and programs for anxiety, depression, trauma, and concussion management.

Heather Good’s integrative approach to therapy taps into the mind-body-spirit connection to resolve issues at the level beyond the conscious mind. Through Depth Hypnosis, Applied Shamanism and Yoga therapy she supports her clients to heal.

“My passion is to help you to live a full, happy, and satisfying life; to help you access the power of your mind, achieve your goals and feel empowered and strong”


  • Hi! I didn't contact you yesterday as I was afraid I was going to lose the bright vivid eyesight I seemed to acquire after our session......I didn't!!!!! I did my self talk and relaxation and was amazed at how good it felt. The 5 minutes just flew by!!! Now when I sit down to rest a little I tell myself that it's ok to relax...I do breathing and try to relax all my muscles - it helps amazingly!! You were right...I do feel like a big load is off my shoulders and things don't look as gloomy as the did. So I want to thank you very much...I haven't tried the meditation thing yet but I will.

    Judy, Hypnosis Client
  • “The hypnotherapy process enabled me to peel back significant layers and go right back to the situations where challenges began and to see what needed to be released on a subconscious level. It felt so much better to have this released and it felt good to become aware of--to really access--the root of something and to face it--to be able to start working with it in my life. This has made a difference for me as I approach challenges and difficulties with a greater sense of calm and clarity. I feel confident in Heather's abilities because of her extensive background helping people work through significant challenges over many years. The session was a positive experience for me and I highly recommend her work.”

    Janice, Calgary Professional
  • “Hey Heather, I just wanted to let you know today is the one year mark since my last binge/purge episode. After being stuck in that cycle for 13 years I really thought I could never pull myself out. After doing those sessions with you it changed me and you gave me the tools I desperately needed. I don't really have others I can share this with because I kept it a secret for so long but I wanted to reach out to you. The work you do and the skills you give people are amazing ?? thank you.”

    Anonymous, Hypnosis for Addiction Client
  • "Your health is your wealth - Are you willing to invest in yourself?  I smoked cigarettes for over 40 years…then I met Heather Good. Somehow she managed to reach that part of me where my cravings hide, and with gentle words and suggestions, render them powerless! My lifelong habit of smoking was gone, literally, after two hours with this amazing woman!  I have been smoke free for 5 weeks after 40 years!! Heather also gave me some tools to help recognize my triggers for smoking and how to turn them into positive experiences. “I Don't Smoke” has become my affirmation. It simply is who I choose to be now!" Thank you Heather!! All my Love.

    Todd Leston Butler, Singer & Songwriter
  • “My experience with hypnosis has been amazing. I lost 12 lbs in 5 weeks without even trying. I'd be doing even better if I actually had time to go for more walks. My cravings for bad foods are less while my desire for more veggies has increased. My devil on my shoulder seems to taken the side of my angel and seem to be working together for a greater good, this is how I'm feeling about it :)”

    Melonie, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Patients said: …“It was relaxing to stretch my limbs- tension and releasing exercises were great. It was fun! Heather, the instructor was enthusiastic, professional, friendly and fun.” …“It was good for stretching and loosening areas sore with fibromyalgia. It reunited my body and mind, relaxing my tension.” …“I felt grounded and centered at the end. It was also a great workout. I would not change a thing. Heather is a great instructor and very encouraging.” …“It helped in focusing on breathing and as a way of relaxing and focusing on the positives. It reminded me about “being in the moment”.” …“Being my first time ever participating in a yoga class, I would have to say not a thing needs to be changed, and my feedback would be- just keep it fun and entertaining.” …“It felt so good to get moving after being so dormant on the unit- The instructor was very helpful, and friendly. I felt a lot better after the session.” …“It was nice to be in a group of patients doing stretching exercises and led by a knowledgeable and concerned teacher.” …“The teacher was great… I wanted to do more!” …“I was feeling very alone and very, very, bored. I was unable to do anything and yoga was the only thing that I felt was making a positive step forward.”

    Yoga for Patients on In-patient Hospital Psychiatric Unit
  • “I found the hypnotherapy process to be very relaxing and helpful. During the process you are asked to recall times in your life that were difficult or stressful. The process was great because you don’t talk about what happened and you do not have to feel or experience the tension/stress/pain and emotions related to this as you are very relaxed. Heather’s calm voice keeps you in that relaxed calm state and you are just ‘present’ to the memory as you just let that memory go. You release that memory from your body all the while just feeling really relaxed and calm! You end up feeling even more relaxed in your body as you let that go or release that pressure/energy/presence/memory. It was a really good experience for me and I highly recommend it to others.”

    Anonymous, Clinical Social Worker, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • “A few weeks prior to meeting Heather for the first time at a yoga retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica I found myself in the midst of a personal crisis. What had for months been eagerly anticipated as an empowering and spiritual retreat had suddenly turned into a quest for clarity and healing. Heather was one of the first people I met and there was an immediate connection. After several conversations over shared meals, she invited me to attend a group hypnosis yoga session that she was presenting at the retreat. Her words and gentle guidance took me to a place where I truly felt safe and at peace for the first time in several weeks. It was a very profound experience for me and one that I credit with helping me to gain the inner strength and confidence that I needed to move forward with courage and grace. Thank you Heather for helping to show me the way!”

    Mary, Catching Fire Retreat 2014
  • “I had the good fortune to meet Heather at Blue Spirit Yoga in Costa Rica. She is one of those people that you are drawn to because she radiates such positive energy and I am so grateful that our paths crossed. I have done guided meditations before but was excited to experience Heather's Hypnoyoga class. It was a truly wonderful journey, unlike anything I had previously done. Her words and her voice took me to an amazing place. She has the unique ability to draw you in and help you expand your consciousness. It is truly a gift. I spoke to several of the participants after the meditation and everyone felt the same way. If you have the opportunity to work with Heather I can assure you that you will treasure the experience and come away from it with a feeling of peace and joy.”

    Phyllis Hollander - Scottsdale, AZ, Blue Spirit Yoga in Costa Rica
  • “For some cause that I had asked for, believed it and received it, I had fallen off my path. With your wise counsel was awakened to get back on my journey. Feelings and thoughts creates one's future. I must have been feeling and thinking about meeting someone like you and it created it to happen on a jet plane. It has been like night and day since our phone counselling. The most help came from your wise advice to practice Spirituality more often. I did a major cleansing of the house and old cling on energy experiences. I feel and think great with no cramping feet and legs and burning skin sensations that I had before. I am light and energetic. I am ever so grateful.”

    Metis Elder, Northern Alberta
  • “Wow! Thanks Heather for the session!  I have been doing really well since I saw you for the hypnotherapy session. The session cleared a lot of internal stuff and in doing so- it has helped me to see certain situations more clearly. I cleared a lot off my plate... plus you gave me the tools to reach for when needed... A tool for gratitude.”

    Anonymous, Professional in Calgary
  • “…in addition to providing high quality professional programs and services, Chris and Heather are very easy to work with. Their light hearted but professional approach to their work makes integrating them into a hectic work schedule a welcomed break rather than another “to do” item. Heather and Chris approach their work from a strength-based perspective and have a unique style of coaching and leadership that focuses on participants being empowered and inspired. I would highly recommend them for any organization who is hoping to offer “something extra” to their employees.”

    Human Resources Dept., IHS
  • “…we wanted to just send a huge thank you out to Heather. The team at Centre 70 was thoroughly impressed by her presentation and enjoyed her style very much. We heard that she is new to this profession but would never guess it, she was fantastic! Thank you again very much.”

    Krystal Steene, Administrator, Western Region, First Canadian Title
  • “I found the exercise where we looked at our values to be an eye-opening exercise and one of the most interesting things I have learned about myself in my life. The 5 values I chose are exactly the values  that I feel others should have and are the things I get offended/angry with if students (or people in general) do not possess them. Because of your workshop, I have learned that I have to accept that not everyone will have the same values as I have and I am learning to change the way I react to those things. For me, as a teacher, this part of the session was incredibly important! I have used a couple of the techniques you gave us in my own life/in addressing students and they have been great! I had a particularly stressful day yesterday and at a point where I was ready to throw in the towel, I took a few minutes and did the relaxing technique you taught us. It calmed me enough to keep me going and actually helped me feel much better in general! Amazing how such a little technique can make such a big difference!”

    Lisa, High-school teacher
  • Hello Heather, It was wonderful to meet you at the recent INPM conference in Canada. You are a sweet lady who radiates peaceful and calming energy! I thoroughly enjoyed your session on “Conscious Mindful Leadership: Connecting to the wisdom of the heart and mind.” Your upbeat and engaging spirit nicely complimented the practical exercises that we partaked in during your session. I left your session feeling energized and invigorated! Thank you for all that you do in a sincere and genuine way to help to make this world a better place! Best, Charlene. Very Respectfully, Charlene Majersky , PhD, MPH,LCDR, USPHS

    Charlene Majersky, PhD, MPH,LCDR, USPHS National Center for Immunizations and Respiratory Diseases
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